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Latest Release

The Garden (2022) 
Black Southern Poetry

“Poetry and playwriting award-winner and Alabamian author Marzetta debuts her first poetry collection for the spiritual gurls. The Garden captures the life and love of Black Southern folk, exploring the intersections of queerness and womanhood.The Garden is a place where you can show up as your authentic self, and be grounded, healed, and spirituality fed.”


#1 New Release on Amazon Kindle


#1 Contemporary Poetry- Amazon KDP


#1 LGBTQ+ Poetry- Amazon Kindle


#9 Black Women's Fiction- Amazon Kindle


 Favorite Librarian's Top 10 of 2022 Independently


Published African American Literature

Price of Admission:

Starting at $12.99

 Literary Education
Publishing  Services

Marzetta's House is an accessible, and intersectional, affirming multi-media company that caters to people of marginalized communities.

Book and Headphones

Publisher's Bundle 

- Publish on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Ingram Spark

- ISBN and Copyright registration for ebook, paperback, and/or hardback

- Proofreading and Editing

- Book Cover Design/ Illustration

- Audio Reading

- Author's Website

- Marketing

Pile of Books

Children's & Adult Literacy Programs

- K-12 Online Tutoring

- ACT/SAT Reading Prep

- Scholarship Application Assistance

- Resume Assistance

-Financial Literacy 


Custom Prints

- Custom Notebooks/Journals

- Custom Planner

Custom Stationary

(All options can be purchased on an individual or group order.)

The Black Literacy Project

Get Invloved!

Welcome to the Black Literacy Project, a passionate initiative dedicated to promoting the rich tapestry of African American and Black diasporic literature. We are fervent advocates for diverse voices, empowering educators and students alike through the exploration of these invaluable literary works.

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